The Links at Dover Coast

Golf Course Access Use & Etiquette

Please note the course acreage is private property
Members & Non Members must register with Pro Shop prior to gaining course access

  1. All golfers must register with Pro Shop prior to gaining course access.
  2. Players coming off their 9th hole will alternate with those about to begin their round on their 1st round.
  3. Members are permitted 14 day advance tee time booking, public 7 days.
  4. Grounds staff have right of way when cutting – please consider their safety.
  5. It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the course facilities; please ensure waste is disposed of properly. Littering on course will be subject to loss of privileges.
  6. R.C.G.A. rules govern play unless otherwise noted with Club Modified Rulings.
  7. Issues regarding service or discourteous behavior should be reported to the C.O.O. Under no circumstances are the members or guests to reprimand a staff member.
  8. No personal alcohol permitted on Club property, management and staff with smart serve reserve the right to inspect equipment and/or carts for personal alcohol as governed by the A.G.C.O.
  9. Pace of Play – maintain pace with the group in front of you. Step aside and permit faster players through. Please bring matters of pace of play to the attention of the Pro Shop staff immediately.
  10. Enjoy your round of golf and assist others in enjoying theirs.
  11. Maximum group size of 4 players.
  12. Everyone must have a set of clubs to play with.
  13. Course signage to be followed at all times including cart routes and exits.
  14. Everyone must follow rules regarding power cart usage.
  15. Replace divots and fix your ball mark and one other on every green.
  16. No equipment of the Links at Dover Coast is permitted off Club property.
  17. The management reserves the right to prohibit the use of the club and course facilities for non-compliance of these rules.
  18. The Pro Shop has the absolute authority to revoke the daily playing privileges of anyone violating the Dress Code or Course Use/Etiquette Guidelines.
  19. Course subject to availability.